Briar Hill Children's Programs — FAQs

From waiting lists to nutrition to cancellations, we answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

When can I register? How do I register?

If there are spaces available, you may register throughout the year. To inquire about availability, please contact the program manager at your preferred centre.

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Do you have a waitlist?

Typically, the only program that tends to have a waitlist is the daycare, but check with the program manager to find out current status.

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When should I put my child’s name on a waitlist?

We ask that you put your child on the waitlist when he or she is two years old.

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Do I get priority if I live in the neighbourhood or my child attends one of the schools?

Priority depends on the age of your child and your preferred centre.

For the daycare program, we do not give priority based on residence.

For the KG program, since the kindergarten gives priority to children in the neighbourhood, those children are the first accepted into our program.

For school-age children, priority is given to children attending Briar Hill School and Mayland Heights School.

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How do I arrange for a visit?

Please contact the program manager at your desired location to schedule a visit.

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What are your age and toilet-training requirements for the daycare?

Your child must be three years old and should preferably be toilet trained.

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Do staff help children with homework?

A quiet area is provided in all school-aged programs for children to complete homework uninterrupted. However, because we must meet a 1-to-15 ratio at all times, staff are not able to provide 1-to-1 assistance with homework.

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What are the adult-to-child ratios?

Daycare: 1 to 8
KG: 1 to 10
School-aged: 1 to 15

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What sorts of meals and snacks do you serve?

We provide two nutritious snacks each day. Our snack menus are planned using the Canada Food Guide to ensure nutrition, variety and taste. If children are missing lunch, or need more to eat, or when the food provided by families does not meet the Canada Food Guide, we will provide food.  

At the northwest location, the daycare/KG provides lunch every Wednesday. All the school-aged programs periodically provide special lunches on non-school days.

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Are you open during Christmas and summer holidays?

We cannot operate during times when CBE caretakers are off and the schools are otherwise closed, such as Christmas holidays. We do operate all summer long.

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How much activity do the children get?

The kids in our programs enjoy a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity throughout the morning and afternoon. This may take the form of games in the school gym or, when the weather cooperates, playtime outdoors. Activities are both organized and child’s choice.

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What are your fees?

We review our program fees annually. Please contact your program manager for our current fees. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $75 per child.

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Do you accept subsidies?

The Child and Family Service Authorities subsidize daycare fees for families whose income falls below a certain level. You may qualify depending on your income, your reason for needing day care and the size of your family. For more information or to apply, visit Alberta Human Services. If you need assistance accessing the information, call BHCP main office at 403-289-7066.

Please note that parents are responsible to pay the entire fee for care until the program receives evidence of subsidy approval.

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Are your staff certified?

All our staff are required to have current standard first aid certificate, police clearance and a food handling course. The majority at both locations are long-term staff with a Child Development Supervisor Diploma, while some are Child Development Workers. We also sometimes hire Child Development Assistants.

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What if I want to change the level of care?

If you’d like to change the amount of hours your child is in care for, please talk to your program manager. Not all programs can accommodate part-time or drop-in care, and care is subject to availability.

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What is your cancellation policy?

If you’d like to terminate your care entirely, please provide us with one month’s written notice. This notice must be submitted to your program manager.

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What if I’d like to re-enroll my child after I’ve withdrawn them?

There is a 60-day waiting period if a child is withdrawn from BHCP and then wishes to re-enroll later. The 60 days is effective from the date of the application for re-enrollment or from the last day of the child’s attendance, whichever is later. The waiting period is in effect from September 1 to June 30 every year. If you re-enroll after the 60 days, you will be required to pay the $75 registration fee and fill out the registration forms again.

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