Briar Hill Children's Programs — About Us

In operation since 1982, we offer fully accredited childcare at two locations in Calgary, downtown and in the northwest. Learn more about our mission and philosophy.

About us


We are a non-profit accredited childcare program with centres in Briar Hill Elementary School (NW) and Mayland Heights School (NE).The majority of our staff are Child Development Supervisors.

The Briar Hill program includes children aged 3 years up to and including grade 6 an tthe Mayland Heights program includes children from kindergarten to grade 6.

Mission and philosophy

We believe that all children deserve to be cared for in a safe, caring environment where their developmental needs are met and their self-worth is respected and fostered. We promote socially responsible, positive and respectful behaviour in our daily practices.

Children learn best when they are with accepting, nurturing care providers who provide appropriate play experiences and who interact with the children as facilitators.


The Briar Hill location was established as a non-profit childcare program in 1982 and Mayland Heights was opened in 2015.   

In 1996, we established ourselves as a non-profit society. Briar Hill Children’s Programs is also a registered charity, which means we can provide receipts for any substantial donations.